Friday, 1 May 2009

hand made!!!

it all started out so neat and tidy!!!

lilac from the garden , homemade blackberry jam from last year and cake with the help of Nigella................

I always start tidy but my enthusiasm takes over

my ever faithful and eager tester, Levi, you have to be careful with all these infections about!!! good job he's here to help..


Jessie Lilac said...

One word: YUM!!

Moxieville said...

Oh my. That is one heckuva cake, Jane!

MMm. Happy to have found your blog.


JuliaB said...

LoL! Looks delicious though!

Billie Jane said...

close your eyes when you eat it and your face ends up looking just like the cake! Ask me how I know! lol! :-)

acornmoon said...

looks good to me!

Moxieville said...

Mmmm. A beautiful delicious mess! Not a crumb left I suppose? ;)