Monday, 29 June 2009

I'm so lucky

I don't need to travel far to see wildlife, this beastie was in my garden pond, obviously fancied a dip in this warmer weather, and why not, should I put up a diving board? a sun lounger maybe?

after the Saturday fittings we stoped by Dorchester on the way home. we often drive past the sign for Maiden Castle but have never been to the site, until Saturday. So we took a little detour, it was a wonderful warm day, a little too warm to be stomping up great hills, so we are saving that for another day. but the surrounding area is so lovely.

this is a neighbouring Hill/ barrow/ ?


mrsb said...

As much as I love wildlife, I have to admit, that snake would totally freak me out if it were in my garden pond (not that I have one, lol!)

Kim said...

Lovely pictures and the barrow looks mysterious. I'll be visiting Silbury Hill and West Kennet long barrow soon as I love barrow mounds :) I love the little snake, he's soooo cute, is he a grass snake?

Right, I'm not meant to be here, so bye for now :)

Kim x

JuliaB said...

Is that an Adder? I have one on my back, but i've never seen one in real life. x