Tuesday, 30 June 2009

more books................


I love it when you discover a new Author. and Sarah Singleton is one such person.
I've had a copy of 'the crow maiden ' for a while on 'the pile' but only just got round to starting it. and I have to say I'm hooked . the writing is wonderful , the opening chapter just pulled me in and I could smell the atmosphere described. I'm now eager to get all her books, especially 'the poison garden' .
And yes I am aware that they are described as for 'younger adult reader' but i never take any notice of age guides on books, if it's a good story then it's good!!

I'm on a roll first Kit Berry then Sarah Singleton, the world is very sweet when there is a whole pile of books to read.


acornmoon said...

Thanks for the suggestion, I shall look out for those.

Anonymous said...

I know I know that name from somewhere *scratches head* In any case, all sounds fab and will add those to my ever growing list of books to check out...all thanks to you, Dollface :)

Ruby Pigtails.xxx.

P.S. Hope you got my email ok (oh and one or two comments I left on here too..)? Sky and BT were having a tussle this end again and I'm not sure what (if anything) is getting through.