Wednesday, 10 June 2009

the weekend part 2

So after all the excitment of Saturday, I had to have a lie down . The open gardens started on Sunday at 10.00, but first I had to make cupcakes for the cake stall in the Village hall.

Now would I make some nice dainty subtle cakes? What do you think?!!!pass me the food colouring

So The cakes had violet colouring, and the icing was in blue , green , pink and lilac, then sprinkle with some blue irredecent flakes. Simple

I left the husband to entertain and nipped down to visit these 2 , I love Donkeys, this is Summer and Mindy, they are from a local sanctuary, I did offer to take them for a Walk( all the way to my house and then keep them.) but they said no!!! and this lovely tiny caravan tempted me, but I think the husband may have objected.

Anyway , It did rain on and off but we still had a fair few Visitor and a lot of lovely comments.And the animals behaved themselves. people where very kind and even some of the roses came out.


Fleur de Boheme said...

Ohh I love donkeys too!! Have three horses myself, and cats and dogs.

Who´s the cute dog? Yours? I would also have fallen for the gypsy caravan!

Bye Kirsten

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fab day, well done, glad it went so well for you! Those cakes, donkeys and gypsy caravan all could be out of a fairytale - and I love your wee doggy on garden guard duty :)