Tuesday, 7 July 2009

BUSY , BUSY........

I've been really busy of late. lots of boring big bills to pay, heating oil etc, so lots of work to bring in the pennies.
Lots of other things happening, my father is out of hospital and now recovering from the 5 week course of Radio Therapy, not nice, but hopefully he can now recover, which will take a while. I've been going down a lot to help out, exhausting but lovely at the same time, time spent with your loved ones is never a strain.

And it's the Hubby's Birthday . so I've been baking. Nigella's Chocolate chip cookies and special rock cakes. He has been complaining that the sun wakes him up too early , so I've relented and made some curtains, we don't need any privacy , having no front , back or one side neighbours!!

I'm even doing a little sewing for myself today. I have definitely got my sewing Mojo back and am whipping through sewing projects like fury!!!

This is what I look at when lying in bed.

and now with new stripy curtains, not too bad I suppose. and he's promised he'll open them when he goes out. I like to wake up with the sun. and to see the blue sky.

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Maggie May said...

what a lovely yello. yellows are hard to get right on walls- i have a yellow wall in my kitchen i think i want a bit darker.