Thursday, 30 July 2009

showing your undies......

I originally started this blog to show the items that I made, now technically I did "make" the garden, and I have " made " lots of Cake, but it was supposed to be for the sewing side of things.
So it's kind of nice to actually, finally be posting things I've created.

This is a under skirt/ petticoat . I like long skirts and layering. so this was the answer, also extra layers in winter. I didn't sew all those rows of lace on, I bought it like that and for only £1 a metre. marvelous place I go to the Poole one or Salisbury( where I got this from.)

I have enough left for a blouse, sort of Victorian style I think.

I loved the slightly raggedy stained and torn look, that's why it was so cheap I think .
so I tried it on this morning and decided I'd wear it "as is". I think this will be a well worn favourite.


Ruby said...

Ooh fab skirt on you and what good fabric find, such lovely antiquey look to it. Also admiring your new 'me' photo - very glam! That's a particularly stunning shade of red you've got going on there :)

Btw, haven't forgotten about emailing and will do ASAP, promise.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! xxx