Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I'm on a roll...........

I'm a fabric hoarder , I admit it!!!! but lately I've had the inspiration to plan some additions to my own wardrobe, and have been delving into my old stock. I keep fabric for years, knowing what I'll do with it eventually. sometimes the styles change, but not always.
this lovely pile is all 12 panel skirts.same as this one:

well similar. I've added extra flair to the lighter fabrics

this one has 2 panels of each fabric. I do love a mixture of blue and green. the colours aren't true due to the poor light and lashing rain, but you get the picture.

and this shows my greedy nature. for all these beauties are destined to become coats. all for me!!! I love a good coat.

this will make a fab 70's Biba(esque) inspired one

and this gorgeousness is from the Glasgow school of art and is " The Swing" . and yes it is indeed " curtain " fabric. it's great Linen type and I am never put off, by what a fabric" should" be used for , only what the drape will lend itself to. I have enough for a corset and full shirt too!!!


Bone*Head*Studios said...

CJD, Is there such a thing as fabrics anonymous?...I can so relate, I also love to go to resell shops and load up there too!!!!

Kim McBirnie said...

I really love looking at other people's fabric stash - it makes me feel better about the size of my own!
I often day dream about accidentally finding a biba piece in a charity shop somewhere, ah well, maybe one day!
Kim xx