Thursday, 2 July 2009

a little something for myself..

So this is how I attempt to organise myself.a very battered Filofax.!!!
Old Fashioned but it works, but it's a bit dull don't you think???

That's better, it will get better when it gets more raggedy.

and some useful inside pockets for all those bits of paper.


Jessie said...

That's gorgeous! Did you make it yourself?

Anonymous said...

Much more YOU - and I'm heartened to see someone else that still writes things down in the old fashioned way!

Hmm...dark rain clouds are gathering, so must rush, I want to take a pic of the solitary purpley-pink poppy thats come out - one of your 'babies' - in case it gets too battered, do hope not though :/

lots of love,